My writing habit became daily, or nearly daily at least, in 2019 when I started posting regularly on LinkedIn. I started by sharing blog posts I had written for Ms. JD or elsewhere. At first, nobody responded and I was okay with that. But eventually, people started to notice and I formed a nice little community of other lawyers and professionals all over the world.

When the pandemic started in March, I ramped up my efforts since other networking opportunities were sparse. In about a year, I drastically increased my presence on LinkedIn and experienced benefits in the form of business opportunities, more chances to speak and write, and a lot of new friends. Along with 19 of my closest lady lawyer LinkedIn friends, I wrote an anthology about the experience: Networked: How 20 Women Lawyers Overcame the Confines of the COVID-19 Social Distancing to Create Connections, Cultivate Community, & Build Businesses in the Midst of a Global Pandemic. We each tell a different story about how we used LinkedIn to network and find support during the pandemic.

Available on Amazon in paperback or for Kindle.

And, what do you know? The book attained bestseller status on Amazon and was a #1 new release. Not bad for a pandemic or any other time for that matter. You can find the book on Amazon and you can find more about all of the authors on LinkedIn.