Though I am an introvert, speaking has always been something that I really enjoy. I also have to do it quite a bit as a part of my litigation practice. In that respect, I regularly speak for organizations about the following topics, including:

  • immunity;
  • governmental liability;
  • civil rights;
  • employment law;
  • open records/open meetings compliance;
  • special education; and
  • school law.

me speaking at KLC

As a woman professional, I am also specifically interested in various issues adjacent to law practice in order to improve the legal profession and the lives of practitioners. For that reason, I have also spoken to professional and attorney associations about non-legal issues, including:

  • the benefits of mindfulness meditation for professionals;
  • the value of community service;
  • work/life balance for women professionals;
  • networking; and
  • finding quality mentors.