In 2013, I started a regular meditation practice which changed how I approach my life and contributed to huge professional growth and an increase in personal happiness. Since that time, mindfulness meditation has become a passion for me and I have attended several retreats and classes, culminating with my enrollment in a meditation teacher program this year with The Mindfulness Center. In 2018, I got more public about my practice and began speaking and writing about the topic.

Not only have those efforts been well-received, but they have also deepened my understanding of mindfulness and my passion for it. As the need and interest in stress management grew with the COVID-19 pandemic, I have now compiled a wide array of resources relating to mindfulness. Part of my mission as I present to lawyers and professionals is to speak about these topics like an ordinary person so that they can see how mindfulness may fit in their own lives. I hope they help you see mindfulness practices as useful, doable, and maybe even a little fun. Please download and read and I’d love it if you would connect or follow me on LinkedIn or provide feedback.

Guided Meditations

This is series of guided meditations I developed as a part of my meditation teacher training program with The Mindfulness Center and for a variety of mindfulness presentations I offered this year. As a lawyer, I know that stress and anxiety are part of life, so I made many of these meditations with lawyers and professionals in mind. For other new meditators, I hope the Clear Your Mind, Rocking Chair, or Nature Walk practices may make meditation feel a bit more familiar and help you ease into the practice.

Pause and Begin Again e-Book

I prepared this e-book as a quick resource to help busy professionals get started with meditation and get back on track if their practice gets sidetracked. It is brief, easy to read, and explains mindfulness concepts in plain language.

Calm in a Crisis Webinar

In this webinar, I provided the framework to begin a mindfulness journey to help other professionals at the outset of the shut down resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. I discussed tips for starting a meditation practice, while other panelists offered advice for remaining productive while working at home.

Mindfulness Articles

I love writing and I love mindfulness so it’s no surprise that I have written several pieces on mindfulness. I have also talked about my mindfulness practice on several excellent podcasts, so please check out my Podcast Interviews page for more.