Claire and her family.

Claire E. Parsons is a Member at Adams Law, PLLC in Covington, Kentucky. She has practiced for the last twelve years in the areas of litigation, civil rights, employment, school law, special education, and municipal law. Claire lives in Union, Kentucky with her husband, Brian, their two daughters, and two dogs.

Claire is an active leader in her community and in the legal profession. She has led innovative charitable programs in her community, statewide legal organizations, committees relating to the promotion of women professionals. Claire is also a frequent writer and speaker for these and other organizations. She has published and spoken about numerous topics, ranging from complex legal issues, to law practice, networking and marketing, as well as mindfulness and wellness for lawyers and other professionals. She writes regularly on LinkedIn and even co-authored a book this year with 19 other women lawyers about how they used the platform to network and pursue career goals during the pandemic.

In 2013, Claire began a mindfulness practice early in her law career and as she was learning to be a new mom to her daughter, Sophie, who was born in 2012. When Claire began the practice, she saw it gradually transform her life for the better by helping her to reduce overthinking, manage stress, and infuse compassion practices into her daily life. Over the new few years, Claire continued to study mindfulness practices and attend retreats. In 2018, Claire began speaking and writing on these topics and she quickly became regarded as a resource for professionals as someone who can explain meditation practices in an approachable and practical way. Given her experience with mindfulness and as a working mom, Claire enjoys sharing her stories and her humor in order to humanize the legal profession and to make life a little easier for working parents. 

OWNKY Accepting Award with Angie and CC
Claire receiving the OWNKY Emerging Leader Award in April, 2015.

Claire’s leadership and writing have have been honored in the following ways:

Claire also loves cooking, fitness, and reading, so don’t be surprised if you see her writing about those topics as well. You can find Claire across social media platforms but the best place to find and follow her is on LinkedIn.