Orange Theory and the Art of Zen?

Last time, I talked about how I used mindfulness to start getting comfortable with running at Orange Theory. Well, in the mysterious way of the universe, I recently had occasion to think about how the interval training used at Orange Theory and other fitness programs like Aaptiv can help with mindfulness. I went to a…Read more »

How to Find a “Quiet Place” When You Are Learning to Meditate

Recently, a friend of mine who is exploring meditation jokingly asked on Facebook how she was supposed to comply with the instructions of a guided meditation to “find a quiet place” where she wouldn’t “be disturbed.” Yeah right, commenters agreed, if we could find a “quiet place” and avoid being “disturbed” on demand, we probably wouldn’t need…Read more »

Why I Like Eating Garbage

“If we make this recipe, then we get to eat garbage! What do you think of that?” As you might expect, my six-year-old responded to this with a mix of confusion and amusement. I had gotten a bag of cutie tangerines from the store the other day and they were plump, flavorful, and easy to…Read more »